Type of Service

PAL is a shared ride service and provides curb-to-curb transportation. The NFTA makes provisions to ensure that each passenger actually gets from his/her point of origin to his/her point of destination. To meet this origin to destination requirement, service may need to be provided to some individuals or at some locations in a way that goes beyond curb-to-curb service.

Operators may provide minimal assistance escorting a customer to and from the vehicle. Operators are not allowed to leave their vehicle unattended, carry packages or operate any mobility aids.

Trip Purpose

All types of trips may be taken on PAL. This includes social, recreational, medical, work or shopping trips. No priority is placed on trip purpose, nor are you required to identify the purpose of your trip. You may not, however use PAL for trips that are already provided by or paid for by another agency.

Travel Time

PAL is a shared ride service and direct trips to and from your destination are not guaranteed. A trip on PAL will be comparable to the duration of an identical trip taken on the fixed route service. Comparable includes all factors such as, travel time to the bus stop and/or rail station, waiting time, actual riding time, transfers and travel from the stop to the ultimate destination. This standard exists except when circumstances are beyond the NFTA's control (including inclement weather, as well as any factors constituting traffic delays).

Hours and Days of Service

PAL provides the same level of service as our fixed route service. This means that PAL operates whenever Metro Bus & Rail provides service in your area.

Service Area

PAL's service area extends 3/4 of a mile on either side or at the beginning and end of Metro's bus/rail fixed route service area. This does not apply to commuter or express route service. This means that paratransit is available along bus or trains routes during the hours and days in which the bus/train is operating.

Personal Care Attendants

Customers who are unable to travel independently may travel with a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). Your application for PAL service must specifically state that you are unable to travel alone. A PCA must have the same origin and destination as the customer. Personal care attendants ride free. Be sure to tell your reservation agent if you will be traveling with a PCA.


You may travel with one companion as long as he or she has the same origin and destination as you do. Additional companions may accompany you on a trip on a space available basis. Be sure to mention that you will be traveling with a companion when making your reservation. Companions pay the same fare as the customer.

PAL Photo Identification

All Paratransit customers are required to obtain a photo identification card. Your identification card will contain important coded information about your eligibility, your functional capabilities and requirements. Please carry it with you and present it to the driver when boarding PAL vehicles.

On Site Van Waiting period

Once the PAL van arrives during your 30-minute window* period at your pickup, the operator is only allowed to wait five minutes for you. Be sure to be ready so the operator doesn't leave you behind.

Drivers are instructed not to arrive before your window period begins. In the event that the van does not arrive during your window period and you accept another form of transportation you will not be charged with a missed trip.

This thirty minute period is when you can expect your pick-up to occur. You are expected to be ready to board the vehicle when the driver arrives at any point within this window.

* Pick-up Window e.g. -15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time. (Example: Pickup time is 2 p.m., therefore the window period would be 1:45 to 2:15 p.m.)

Subscriptions Trips

If you take repetitive trips over an extended period of time you are entitled to request subscription trip service. Typically subscription trips are provided for work, education, and medical care related trips, or whenever the same trip is taken repeatedly. Subscription service may not exceed 50 percent of the PAL Direct trips provided on any given day or time. You only have to call once to make your subscription trip reservation. It is not necessary to call every time you take the same trip.

Travel Training

Travel training is available for PAL fixed route service. For more information on travel training, please contact PAL Customer Service.

Keeping Information Up To Date

It is very important that you keep your information up to date. You can update your contact information under the Profile section of this web application or call the Paratransit Customer Service Office at 716-855-7268 if there is a change in the following: your address or telephone number (including cell phones), your emergency contact's name or telephone number.

If there is a change in the type of mobility device you are using, your physical or mental condition or you need for a personal care attendant, please contact the Paratransit Customer Service Office.