The Glossary is designed to provide users with definitions for some of the common terms that are used with PAL-Trip Planner.

PAL Direct Trip Planner

PAL Direct Trip Planner - self serve application that allows customers and others to use the Internet to request, confirm and cancel paratransit trips and to access other valuable customer and general information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Booked Trip

Booked Trip - a trip that has been requested and entered into the system.

Scheduled Trip

Scheduled Trip - a trip that has been requested, entered into the system and scheduled to a vehicle.

Subscription Trip

Subscription Trip - a trip that is repeated on an on-going basis from the same pick-up and drop-off locations at fixed times and days. Example: I want to travel from my home to work every weekday departing at 8:00 a.m.


Password - the private code that a user must enter at the login prompt to gain access to the online system.

Requested Date

Requested Date - the requested date for the trip.

Requested Time

Requested Time - The time you requested to be picked up for the trip.

Scheduled Time

Scheduled Time - the time the vehicle is scheduled to arrive. Note: The scheduled time may be different than the requested time and is based on vehicle availability at the time of the request.

Estimated Time

Estimated Time - the current estimated time that the vehicle will arrive. The estimated time may differ from the scheduled time and may fluctuate based on current traffic, road and weather conditions.

Requested Drop-off Time/Appointment Time

Requested Drop-off/Appointment Time - the time you indicated you would like to be dropped off at your destination.

Start Window

Start Window - the earliest time that the vehicle should arrive.

End Window

End Window - the latest time that the vehicle should arrive.

Trip Status

Trip Status - the current status for the trip can be one of the following:

  • Requested - the trip request has been entered into the system and waiting to be assigned to a vehicle.
  • Scheduled - the trip request has been scheduled to a vehicle.
  • Cancelled in Advance - the trip was cancelled in advance of the pick-up time.
  • Cancelled Late - the trip was cancelled without providing sufficient notice.

Pick-up Location

Pick-up Location: The location/address from where you'll be picked up.

Drop-off Location

Drop-off Location: The location/address where you'll be dropped off.

Space Type

Space Type - the space requirement for a passenger within a vehicle (i.e. requires space for a wheel chair.)

Passenger Type

Passenger Type - describe a passenger's ability to get around (i.e. ambulatory, wheelchair, walks with a cane, etc.)

Repeat Booking

Repeat Booking -the act of creating a new booking by copying from a booking that is already in the system.

Cancel Trip

Cancel Trip - the act of canceling a trip that has already been booked and/or scheduled in the system.